Made by Survivors

of Trafficking

"This is more than a job, this is freedom."

My aunt sold me and I became a sex worker. But that is not who I am. And now I have a voice."

- Anthem Employee

sex trafficking awareness cuff in silver and rose gold on a wooden  table

Our Impact

We believe that we can end human trafficking, together. We know women waiting for rescue and safe employment. We know their names, where they are, and how to get them out. Now, we just need you. Each purchase helps rescue women who are being sold and protects them from being trafficked again.

Since 2014 our parent organization, Agape International Missions (AIM), has rescued over 1,500 exploited individuals, arrested over 350 traffickers, and helped restore and provide safe employment for survivors. Survivors are more than a rescue story. Anthem helps protect their future story. 

All of our products are made by survivors of trafficking and those protected from exploitation. Anthem employees receive childcare, healthcare, counseling, meals, education for their family, and are paid a living wage. 

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