Anthem is founded on the belief that for freedom to endure, the rescue of a girl must be partnered with safe housing, a supportive community, and sustainable employment. 

Since 2014 our parent organization, Agape International Missions, has rescued over 1,300 exploited individuals, arrested over 350 traffickers, and helped restore and provide safe employment for survivors. Anthem provides employment for survivors of trafficking with little education or career experience. As a result of safe employment with us, 99% of survivors are never trafficked again.

We Can End Sex Trafficking, Together

When you wear Anthem, you join a movement of abolitionists intent on ending human sex trafficking. We know girls waiting for rescue and safe employment. We know their names, where they are, and how to get them out. Now, we just need you. Every purchase funds a critical factor in a girl’s freedom.

Smey's Story

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