made by survivors

of sex trafficking

"What is more liberating than to shop knowing you are a beacon of hope to protect children and women across the world. 

We can survive a horrific event, but can’t heal from it without the acts of protection and unconditional love. That's what it means to be saved and free."

- Reaksmey Haas, Anthem's lead jewelry designer, rescued at age 9 from an American pedophile

sex trafficking awareness cuff in silver and rose gold on a wooden  table

Our Impact

Anthem provides employment for survivors of sex trafficking with little education or career experience. 99% of survivors employed with us are never trafficked again.

Since 2014 our parent organization, Agape International Missions, has rescued over 1,300 exploited individuals, arrested over 350 traffickers, and helped restore and provide safe employment for survivors. To safeguard against re-exploitation we provide survivors with housing, education, healthcare, childcare, and safe employment. Survivors are more than a rescue story. Anthem helps protect their future story. 


When you wear Anthem, you join a movement of Abolitionists working to end sex trafficking. Share about Anthem after you purchase to impact more girls faster.

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