We can end
human trafficking, together


"Anthem isn’t just another jewelry shop that’s feeding into consumer desire, but it’s a way for people to take a stand against oppression.

What is more liberating than to shop knowing you are a beacon of hope to protect children and women across the world." 

- Reaksmey Haas, Anthem's lead jewelry designer, rescued at age 9 from an American pedophile

sex trafficking awareness cuff in silver and rose gold on a wooden  table

Her Freedom is Our Anthem

Each cuff is inscribed with the freedom anniversary date and the name of the survivor of trafficking who made it.

Wear this bracelet as a reminder that this woman is now free, loved, and protected thanks to you.

Freedom Cuff


Freedom Cuff


Freedom Cuff

Rose Gold

Freedom Anniversaries

A Freedom Anniversary is the date stamped on each cuff that represents the day the survivor was rescued and freedom began. Celebrate the latest freedom anniversary:

Srey Pich

November 25

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