Abolitionist Box
Abolitionist BoxAbolitionist BoxAbolitionist BoxAbolitionist BoxAbolitionist Box

The heart of Anthem is to rescue women from trafficking and protect them through safe employment.


The Anthem Abolitionist Box comes in a beautiful package that includes three Freedom Cuffs, one in each color (silver, rose gold, and gold). Each cuff is made by a survivor of trafficking. The inside of each cuff is inscribed with the Freedom Anniversary date (day of rescue) and the name of the survivor who made it. The words "For Her Freedom" are stamped on the outside of the cuff. The package also includes a booklet of freedom stories. 

This box makes a beautiful gift and simultaneously supports survivors of trafficking with safe employment.


Freedom Cuffs can be purchased individually here.


Customizing your fit: Anthem cuffs are fully adjustable and will fit most wrists. Simply bend both sides of your cuff to fit comfortably to your wrist.


To clean your cuff, simply wipe with a soft cloth and water. Your cuff is made of plated surgical-grade stainless steel and should not react to your skin or water. Avoid contact with strong chemicals like bleach. To increase the longevity of your bracelet, remove it before shower, exercise, hot tubs, or swimming.